Service Level

Our servers are located near the M25 and therefore proximal (both physically and topologically) to important UK international internet links, ensuring low-latency national and international service. We do not overload our servers or the data links they rely on to maintain a satisfactory level of service. All of our individual services are subject to (high) bandwidth caps so any malfunctioning (or misused) server will not degrade our network indefinitely nor will it incur excessive bandwidth costs to our customers. Our ticket-based support system is available around the clock to report any such event to us.

Physical security is critical in ensuring our level of service. Your data is only as secure as the room it sits in. Our servers are held in secure compounds, with 24/7 onsite security and very high level physical security measures including fences, multi-level electronic entry systems and anti-tailgating measures.

The networking infrastructure is entirely fibre-optic and backed up by both a fully redundant network and dark fibre. We also have access to alternate carriers with very low-latency European or trans-atlantic connections (for UK-based sites targeted predominanty at mainland Europe or the United States). A climate controlled environment and large-scale uninterrupted power circuit (including megawatt generator) ensure servers continue to operate even in extreme local conditions.

Suffice it to say, we go to great lengths to keep your data online 100% of the time. We're not happy with anything less.